Playathon 2018

We are very excited about this year’s Playathon and we have wonderful clinicians participating. Please read below for a listing of our participating clinicians, information about food for students during the event, and the schedule for the day.

Guest Clinicians

We would like to thank our wonderful guest clinicians who will be spending their Saturday with us:

  • Janet Sovich, Baltimore County Public Schools, Orchestra Guest Conductor
  • Christopher Cicconi, Towson University, Band Guest Conductor
  • Ron Kearns, retired PG County Public Schools, Guest Clinician, Saxophone
  • Tiffany Kearns, Guest Clinician, Clarinet
  • Joe Caliano, Guest Clinician, Saxophone
  • Rick Stewart, Guest Clinician, Double Bass
  • Cecylia , Towson University, Guest Clinician, Orchestral strings
  • Diane Hornyak, Londontowne Symphony Orchestra/AACC Orchestra, Guest Clinician, Violin/Viola
  • Buzz Stillinger, Londontowne Symphony Orchestra/AACC Orchestra, Guest Clinician, Cello
  • Chris Greco, Menchey Music, Guest Clinician, Trombone/Low Brass
  • Brian Forte, AACPS (Southern HS), Guest Clinician, Percussion/Rhythm/Guitar
  • Laura Bardill, AACPS (Southern MS), Guest Clinician, Clarinet
  • Randall Love, AACPS (Old Mill MS), Guest Clinician, Viola/Violin
  • Ariel Breidenbaugh, AACPS (Annapolis HS), Guest Clinician, Woodwinds
  • Philip Browne, Peabody Conservatory, Guest Clinician, French Horn
  • David Beans, SRHS Alumni, Guest Clinician, Trumpet
  • Teddy Owens, SRHS Alumni, Guest Clinician, Saxophone
  • Zach Alexander, SRHS Alumni, Guest Clinician, Cello
  • Emery Lowe, SRHS Alumni, Guest Clinician, Violin

Food During Playathon

Please bring your own snacks and water bottle. While you are welcome to bring your own meals as well, the Music Boosters will be providing both lunch and dinner for $5. This is not $5 for lunch and $5 for dinner; this is $5 for BOTH!  We will be having WaWa meatball parmesan subs for lunch, with chips, drink and a cookie, and Papa John’s pizza (cheese and pepperoni) for dinner, with salad, drink and dessert.

Event Schedule

Student registration 8:30-9:00AM, Auditorium Lobby

1st Rehearsal:
Band 9:00-10:00, D134 (Band/Orchestra Room)
Orchestra 9:00-10:10, Auditorium

1st Sectional:
Band snack break 10:00-10:10
Band 10:10-11:10 (Various classrooms)
Orchestra snack break 10:10-10:20
Orchestra 10:20-11:20 (Various classrooms)

2nd Rehearsal:
Band 11:10-11:55
Orchestra 11:20-12:05

Lunch Break:
Band 11:55-12:25 (Auditorium Lobby)
Orchestra 12:05-12:35

3rd Rehearsal:
Band 12:25-1:25, D134
Orchestra 12:35-1:35, Auditorium

2nd Sectional:
Band Snack Break 1:25-1:35
Band 1:35-2:20
Orchestra Snack Break 1:35-1:45
Orchestra 1:45-2:30

4th Rehearsal:
Band 2:20-3:25
Orchestra 2:30-3:35

3rd Sectional:
Band Snack Break 3:35-3:45
Band 3:45-4:15
Orchestra Snack Break 3:35-3:45
Orchestra 3:45-4:30

Rock, Paper, Scissors Battle Royale (Preliminary Rounds- Auditorium Lobby)
Band 4:15-4:25
Orchestra 4:30-4:40

Dinner break: (Auditorium Lobby)
Band 4:25-5:00

4:55 *Rock, Paper, Scissors Battle Royale Part 2 (Final Round): Band vs. Orchestra!*
Orchestra 4:40- 5:15

5th Rehearsal:
Band 5:00-6:00
Orchestra 5:15-6:05

4th Sectional:
Band 6:00-6:30
Orchestra 6:00-6:30

Final Dress Rehearsal:
Band 6:30-7:00
Orchestra 6:30-6:55

Preview Showcase: 7-7:30

Prep for Showcase Performance Order:
South River String Orchestra 7:00-7:10
South River Symphony Orchestra 7:10-7:20
South River Concert Band 7:20-7:30