Music Boosters

The Music Boosters are a group of parents who are dedicated to helping the music program by supporting the teachers and students in their musical journey.  We volunteer our time and talent to assist the music program with extra-curricular activities (i.e., home football games, tournament of bands, concerts, chaperoning events, fundraisers).  Booster meetings are open to everyone interested in supporting our school’s music programs.

View our Welcome to South River Music Boosters slides to gain a high level understanding of what the Music Boosters are and what they do.

South River Music Department Handbook

Please review the South River Instrumental Music Handbook.  In it you will find updated material pertaining to the “Fair Share Policy” and other important information as they relate to extracurricular groups, athletics, and other Music Department related topics.

Music Booster Officers and Committee Chairs

We would like to welcome this year’s Music Booster Officers and Committee Chairs for the start of the new year. You will notice that we still have a number of Committee Chair positions open. If you have any questions or would be interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please send us an e-mail at

Email Communications

The South River Music Boosters send regular email updates on the activities pertaining to the music department at South River HS to the parents of all students enrolled in the programs.  If you are not receiving regular e-mails, please contact us and we will be glad to add you to the list.

Music Booster Meeting Dates

Music Booster meetings are as follows. 

Please note that all parents from every SRHS musical group (band, orchestra, jazz, chorus, Tri-M) are welcome and encouraged to attend all of the Music Boosters meetings. We would love to hear your ideas! 

9/10/2019 Executive Board Meeting – September 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
9/19/2019 Music Boosters General Meeting – September 7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room
10/8/2019 Executive Board Meeting – October 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
10/17/2019 Music Boosters General Meeting – October 7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room
11/12/2019 Executive Board Meeting – November 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
11/21/2019 Music Boosters General Meeting – November 7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room
1/14/2020 Executive Board Meeting – January 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
1/16/2020 Music Boosters General Meeting – January 7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room
2/11/2020 Executive Board Meeting – February 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
2/20/2020 Music Boosters General Meeting – February 7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room
3/10/2020 Executive Board Meeting – March 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
3/19/2020 Music Boosters General Meeting – March 7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room
4/14/2020 Executive Board Meeting – April 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
4/16/2020 Music Boosters General Meeting – April 7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room
5/12/2020 Executive Board Meeting – May 7:00pm Edgewater Public Library
5/21/2020 Music Boosters General Meeting – May
Wrap-up and Election of Board for 2020-2021
7:00pm SRHS Chorus Room

* There will be no meetings during the month of December. The Boosters wish everyone a very happy holiday.

Minutes will be added after each Booster meeting.

Please refer to the Music Department calendar and weekly email announcements for more information.


For questions regarding the Music Boosters or to volunteer your time and talent, please send us an email at

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