Orchestra class fulfills the current course requirement for fine arts.  This class is performance based, requiring participation in all school, county and state orchestra activities as determined by the director.  After school rehearsals are required in preparation for these adjudicated events. Additionally, orchestra class performs at both the winter and spring concerts.

Auditions are open to all students.  STEM students are welcome and highly encouraged to take advantage of the after school Music Activity Period to receive their Fine Arts Credit (for STEM students only).

Orchestra Attire

Students in the Orchestra Performance Group concert attire guidelines are:

Female Students

The women’s concert attire is black blouse, black long skirt or black dress pants, black stockings, black dress socks, black dress shoes.

Male Students

The men’s concert attire is black dress shirt, black tie, black dress pants, black socks, black dress pants, black belt.


Orchestra students are assessed fees to offset the expenses associated with managing the South River orchestra program including music, instrument repair, transportation and much more. 

The Orchestra Performance Group $100 total for the year. 10% off if paid in full by September 1, 2023

$50 due September 30

$50 due February 28

Student Leadership

Congratulations to this year’s South River High School orchestra leaders.


For questions regarding the orchestra program, please contact Mr. Cavanaugh at 410-956-5600 or by email at [email protected].