Marching Band

Department Chairperson/Instrumental Music Director – Mr. Gerald Cavanaugh
Band Front Advisor – Mr. Rick Stewart
Percussion Instructor – Mr. Drew Harrah

Students are expected to attend after school rehearsals to prepare for the football games and adjudicated events. STEM students are welcome and highly encouraged to participate in the Marching Band Performance Group.


The Marching Band Performance Group requires a uniform.

Band T-Shirt – The South River band T shirt is to be worn under the marching uniform jacket and at special events. A shirt is provided free of charge to all first year band students. Additional/replacement T shirts can be purchased for $15.00.

Dinkles (white marching shoes) – Your first pair of marching band shoes will be provided. Students who have lost their shoes will need to purchase a new pair of Dinkles ($30). Students are expected to keep their Dinkles cleaned and polished.

White socks – White socks can be purchased at local stores. Marching band socks must be crew length or higher (no ankle socks!) and must be plain white with no logos or designs.

Uniform jacket, bibs, hat and plume – The uniform jackets, bibs, hats and plumes are purchased by the Boosters and are loaned to band students for marching band season. The cost and maintenance of the uniform is covered by the activity fees. Each student has a unique jacket, bibs and hat assigned to them for the entire season. The jacket, hat and plume are stored at the school and distributed to students for performances.  These pieces are then collected after the show and stored at the school.

Students must take their bibs home and wash them between performances. Students who lose their bibs will be charged a fee of $60 for replacement.


Band students are assessed fees to offset the expenses associated with managing the band program including music, field show development, instrument repair, transportation and much more.

The Marching Band Performance Group fee is $____ for the year. Payments are split into Fall and Spring semesters:

  • $____ due at Band Camp
  • $____ due __________

* A 50% discount will apply to all additional performance groups of equal or lesser value than the highest value performance group. For example, if a student participates in Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz, the following adjustments are made:

$_____ Marching Band
$_____ Concert Band
$____ Jazz Band

Total for the year: $______

For questions regarding the payment schedule, please reach out to Mr. Cavanaugh.

Instrumental Loans

  • $_____ per year – Instrumental loaner fee

Payment Instructions

When submitting a payment, please follow these instructions to ensure that payments are credited properly:

  1. Write your child’s first and last name on the memo line of the check along with the purpose of the payment (i.e. Fall Fee, Spring Trip, meal, etc)
  2. Place all checks inside an envelope labeled with your child’s full name and purpose of the payment.
  3. If you wish to combine fees into one check, indicate that information on the check as well (i.e. band camp fee, fall fee, spring fee, etc)

All envelopes should be placed in the black mailbox out the Music Department office or mailed to:

South River High School
Attn: Music Boosters
201 Central Ave East
Edgewater, MD 21037

If you need to split payments, please reach outside to the Music Booster Financial Secretary for assistance.

Student Leadership

Congratulations to this year’s South River High School Marching Band leaders.


For questions regarding the Marching Band Performance Group, please contact Mr. Cavanaugh at 410-956-5600 or by email at [email protected].