Welcome to our photo gallery page. While we will be taking pictures, we know that you will capture some excellent pictures too. We’d love to share them in our photo gallery. Please e-mail your pictures to [email protected] and let us know which event they were taken at. Thank you!


12/18/19 Winter Concert


11/21/19 Chorus Feeder Concert

11/08/19 Playoff Game

11/07/19 Instrumental Feeder Concert


10/30/19 Scary Strings

10/26/19 Crofton Parade

10/25/19 Football Game vs. Old Mill

10/24/19 Chorus Audition Tableau

10/23/19 AACPS Marching Band Exhibition

10/22/19 String Rehearsal at Towson

10/11/19 Senior Recognition Night

10/5/19 Homecoming Football Game

10/04/19 Pep Rally


09/28/19 Navy Marine Corp Tournament

09/28/19 Marching Band Group Pictures

09/22/19 TOB Tournament

09/13/19 Football Game vs. Meade

Virginia Tech Band Day

First Days of School


Band Camp Picnic & Watermelon Helmet Competition

Band Camp Preview Show

Band Camp