Packing Reminders

  1. Students may wear comfortable, school appropriate clothes on the bus to sleep but they must bring their clothes to change into for the Friday activities ON THE BUS WITH THEM. Participants will NOT have access to their suitcase until we arrive at the hotel Friday evening.
  2. Remember all parts of your concert uniform!
    1. Dresses and black dress shoes for girls
    2. Tuxedo pants, white shirt, vest, black dress shoes and BLACK SOCKS for boys
    3. Full choral uniform per Dr. Orr’s instructions
  3. The hotel has an indoor pool so students can bring bathing suits. However, there are no lifeguards at the hotel pool so swimming will only be allowed when an adult chaperone is in the pool area with the students.
  4. Remember toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, contact solution, etc.
  5. Bring any required medication*. An AACPS Request to Administer Medication form MUST be completed for all medications, including Over the Counter pain relievers.  This form is included in this information packet.  All medicine will be stored with an adult and distributed to students as required.  Urgent need self administered medications such as inhalers and epipens may be kept by the student, however, a medication form should still be filled out and delivered to the chaperone in charge of medications.

* Place the medicine in a gallon size ziplock bag with the student’s name and dosage written on the bag.  The Request to Administer Medication form should be folded and included in the bag with the medicine.  A parent/guardian must give this bag to the chaperone in charge of medicines with any instructions when the student is dropped off for departure on the trip.

  1. Each student will receive a South River music T shirt. This shirt is to be worn on Saturday following their performance for the tours in Toronto and the awards ceremony at Medieval Times.
  2. Please check the weather for Toronto, Ontario and bring appropriate clothing for the climate. It is likely to much cooler in Toronto than it is in Maryland in April.  Plan on layers for changing temperatures
  3. Bring a rain coat!
  4. Cell phone chargers. A battery charger pack is recommended if available for the long bus rides since it is unknown whether the bus will have outlets available or if the outlets will be working.
  5. Students may bring movies to watch on the bus but the movie must be PG13 or lower and it must be approved by Mr. Cavanaugh.
  6. Students may bring snacks for the bus but they are responsible for cleaning up any spills and throwing trash away.