Orchestra Fees

Orchestra students are assessed fees to offset the expenses associated with managing the South River orchestra program including music, instrument repair, transportation and much more.

Activity Fees:

The Orchestra Performance Group fee is $200 for the year. Payments are split into Fall and Spring semesters:
  • $100 due Sept 30
  • $100 due Feb 28
* A 50% discount will apply to all additional performance groups of equal or lesser value than the highest value performance group. For example, if a student participates in Orchestra and Chorus, the following adjustments are made: $200 Orchestra $50 Chorus Total for the year: $250 (payment schedule: $125 due Sept 30, $125 due Feb 28)

Payment Instructions

When submitting a payment, please follow these instructions to ensure that payments are credited properly:
  1. Write your child’s first and last name on the memo line of the check along with the purpose of the payment (i.e. Fall Fee, Spring Trip, meal, etc)
  2. Place all checks inside an envelope labeled with your child’s full name and purpose of the payment.
  3. If you wish to combine fees into one check, indicate that information on the check as well (i.e. band camp fee, fall fee, spring fee, etc)
All envelopes should be placed in the black mailbox outside the Music Department office or mailed to: South River High School Attn: Music Boosters 201 Central Ave East Edgewater, MD 21037 If you need to split payments, please reach out to the Music Booster Financial Secretary for assistance.