Chaperone Duties


  • Please report on time for all events and ensure that the students in your chaperone group are present as well.
  • Follow the Golden Rules of Chaperoning – If the student can’t do it, chaperones can’t do it in terms of alcohol and inappropriate language.

On the bus:

  • Chaperones should spread themselves throughout the bus – front, middle, back – so that not all the chaperones are in the front.
  • Please make sure that students do not become rowdy; they should remain seated as much as possible for safety.
  • Attendance will be taken every time the students return to the bus.
  • On the overnight trip to Toronto, students should settle down and become quiet within an hour to allow other students and chaperones to sleep.  There is long full day of activities on Friday that everyone will need to be rested to enjoy.
  • When arriving at the destination, students are to remain on the bus until they are told otherwise.
  • When arriving back at the hotel or school, students are not to be dismissed from the bus until the bus is clean.  One chaperone checks bus before students disembark.
  • The bus driver may have additional rules that must be followed.

At the hotel:

  • Quiet hours at the hotel are 11:00pm to 7:00am.  All students must be in their rooms and quiet by 11:00pm.
  • You will be provided lists of room assignments and chaperone groups for all of the students.  The list will specify each chaperone’s assigned students and their assigned rooms.  Specific hotel room numbers will be assigned when we check in at the hotel.
  • Inform your assigned students of your hotel room number so that they can phone you, and let them know they have your permission to do so (within reason, of course!).
  • The hotel has an indoor pool but no life guard.  No students are to swim without an adult chaperone in the pool area at all times.  If you are chaperoning students at the pool, do not leave the area until another adult comes to take your place.
  • You will receive a copy of the trip itinerary.  Each day you will be informed if any times have changed to the following day’s schedule.  Please make sure your students are aware of these changes as well.
  • Chaperones should phone your students’ rooms at wake-up times and give them a reminder call 5 minutes later to make sure everyone is up.
  • Ask them to phone you when they are ready to go to breakfast so you can meet them at their room and remove their tape.  You are responsible for making sure your students are ready to go at the designated times and that they eat breakfast.
  • If you provide “treats” to any of your assigned students, you must provide enough for all of your assigned students.  Students are allowed to bring their own snacks.
  • All students’ hotel room doors will be taped at “lights out” time. Please meet in the hall of your students’ room at 10:45pm to perform the taping.  The reason for the tape is to know if students have opened the door without permission.
  • The proper procedure for taping is to knock on the door, identify yourself, ask them to open the door, make sure all of the assigned students (and only the ones assigned to that room) are present, let them know you are now “taping them in”, close the door and place tape across the top or side of the door.  It is also a good idea to give the students a piece of tape for the inside of their door so that they don’t forget about the tape in the morning and accidently open the door before a chaperone is there.
  • If you find that the tape is missing, ripped or off any students’ door(s), immediately notify Mr. Cavanaugh.

At the events:

  • Remind your students to stay in groups of two or more at all times.  No one should venture off by themselves.
  • All school rules are in effect on the trip for attire and student interaction.  No inappropriate PDAs.
  • If you see any disruptive, inappropriate, or rude behavior by any South River students at a venue, please stop and speak to that student immediately whether they are in your official chaperone group or not.  On this trip, they are all our kids and we are all their chaperones.
  • Report any inappropriate behavior to Mr. Cavanaugh.

Most importantly–thanks for volunteering!!  Your help is always appreciated and vital to success of this South River Music outing!