Basic Rules of Student Conduct for the Toronto Music Trip 2018

Please remember that school rules apply on this trip.  There will be NO Smoking, No Drinking, No Drugs, and No Public Displays of Affection!

While on the trip, please follow the chain of command.  Your first contact should be your chaperone.  If that person is unable to help you, then you should contact Mrs. Gregory.  If none of the contact people are available or in the event of a serious issue, you should contact Mr. Cavanaugh and/or Dr. Orr.

While on this trip, the school dress code will be enforced.  We do not want to see any underwear, cleavage, or bellies.  No formal attire other than your concert uniform is required for this trip.

NO PJ’s in the hallway.  Remember that the hotel has other guests and we want to make sure that we leave a good impression wherever we go.

Be respectful of each other and other guests by minimizing noise levels in rooms and hallways.

Respect hotel property, other guests and their possessions.

Upperclassmen, please remember that you are looked up to by the other students and it is important that you set a good example.

Curfew is 11PM.  Everyone is in their room and quiet by 11pm.  This is a hotel requirement.  We will be patrolling the halls and there will be a security guard on duty all night.  If there is a problem, call your chaperone.

NO guys in girl’s hall/rooms -EVER!  Not ever– not “just for a minute”, not “just to get something”.  Never.

NO girls in guy’s hall/rooms – EVER!  Not ever – not “just for a minute”, not “just to get something”.  Never.

NO students in chaperone’s rooms.

** If you choose not to follow the rules, the consequences will be appropriate for the severity of the infraction(s).  They can be as minor as being asked to stop what you are doing or sent back to your room to change your clothes, or as severe as a phone call to your parents to have them come pick you up immediately, with a referral upon returning to South River.

**** These rules will be enforced at all times on this trip ****

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