South River High School

Music Program Overview 


2015 - 2016 Marching Band & Concert Band


Band Class

Band class fulfills the current course requirement for fine arts.  This class is performance based, requiring participation in all school, county and state band activities as determined by the director.  After school rehearsals are required in preparation for these adjudicated events.  Additionally, band class performs at both the winter and spring concerts.



Band Attire

The band attire is as follows:


    Marching Band


Band T-Shirt - The South River band T shirt is to be worn under the marching uniform jacket and at special events.  A shirt is provided free of charge to all first year band students.  Additional/replacement T shirts can be purchased for $15.00.


Dinkles (white marching shoes) - Marching band shoes must be purchased from the Boosters and cost $40.00.  If you are a first year student or a returning student who has outgrown/lost your shoes, you will need to purchase a pair of dinkles. 


White socks - White socks can be purchased at local stores.  Marching band socks must be crew length or higher (no ankle socks!) and must be plain white with no logos or designs.


Bibs (white marching pants*) - Bibs must be purchased from the Boosters and cost $50.00.  If you are a first year student or a returning student who has outgrown/lost your bibs, you will need to purchase bibs.  Students need to wear white or flesh colored undergarments when in band uniform and white socks that cover the ankle.  

    *Note: Parents/Guardians:  The bibs are delivered with extra long pant lengths.  It is very important that you hem these pants prior to the first football game.


Uniform jacket, hat and plume - The uniform jackets, hats and plumes are purchased by the Boosters and are loaned to band students free of charge for marching band season.  Each student has a unique jacket and hat assigned to them for the entire season.  The jacket, hat and plume are stored at the school and distributed to students for performances.  These pieces are then collected after the show and stored at the school.


   Concert Band


Female Students - The women's concert attire is a black, full length dress which is purchased through the Boosters for $65, black hose and black dress shoes


Male Students - The men's concert attire is a black vest purchased through the Boosters for $25, a long sleeved white tuxedo shirt, black tuxedo pants, black socks and black dress shoes.  A bowtie will be provided to the men free of charge for each performance.  The tuxedo shirt and pants can be purchased at local stores.  The black socks must be crew length or higher (no ankle socks!).



Band Fees

Band students are assessed fees to offset the expenses associated with managing the band program including music, field show development, instrument repair, transportation and much more.  The 2015-2016 band fees are as follows.  Please not that these fees are NOT optional.  They are vital to the successful operation of the SRHS band.  In the event of family financial hardship, please contact Mr. Cavanaugh for other arrangements.


   Activity Fees:     $90 -   Fall activity fee due Oct. 1st

                              $75 -   Spring activity fee due Feb. 15th


   Band Camp:      $100 -   Band camp fee due the first day of band camp


   Uniforms:           $60* -   Marching bibs due at fitting during band camp

                              $40* -   Dinkle marching shoes due at fitting during band camp

                              $15 -     Additional/replacement band T shirt.  One T shirt is supplied to new students free of charge.

                              $65  -    Women's concert dress due at fitting

                              $25* -   Men's concert vest due at fitting

                                   *  Note: A limited number of previously used bibs, dinkles, tuxedo pants, and tuxedo shirts are available for 1/2 price.

                                                 Graduating seniors - the Boosters will gladly accept any uniforms you will no longer need to refill this supply.


Note:  If you participate in more than one performing group, you do not pay a full activity fee for every group.




Auditions are open to all students.  STEM students are welcome and highly encouraged to take advantage of the after school Music Activity Period and receive their Fine Arts Credit (for STEM students only).




Band rehearsals for the 2015-2016 academic year are as follows:


August 26th - Nov 4th

Marching band rehearsal - Wednesdays, 2:30pm - 5pm


November 18th - June 1st

Concert band rehearsal - Wednesdays, 2:30pm - 4:30pm



Special Programs and Activities

As shown below, there are numerous opportunities for band students to participate in special programs and activities throughout the academic year.  See the weekly South River Music Update emails for time and location details for these events as they become available.


       Oct. 8th -             BSO Side by Side auditions

       Oct. 9th -             BSO Young Soloist auditions


       Jan 6th -              All County Band auditions

       March 12th -        Solo & Ensemble Festival

       April 15th-17th - SRHS Music Spring Trip, New York City (Tentative)



2015-2016 Band Student Leadership

Senior Drum Major -                            Tyger Hanback

Junior Drum Major -                             Jodee Neimann

Band Leiutenant -                                 Haley Miller

Flute Section Leader -                          Sara Leckinger

Clarinet Section Leader -                      Sally Albright

Saxophone Section Leader -                 Lilly Taylor

Trumpet Section Leader -                     Colin Parlett

Mellophone Section Leader -                George Garrison

Trombone/Baritone Section Leader -  Rhea Lawhorn

Tuba Section Leader -                           Richard Boyer

Percussion Section Leaders -               Ben Lammers/Jordan Brooks

Guard Captain -                                     Gwynyth Hillier


Band President -                                  TBD

Band Vice President -                          TBD

Band Secretary Historian -                  Emma Gregory

Band Field Managers -                         Edmund Horsch/Boomer Callaway



For questions regarding the Band Program, please contact Mr. Cavanaugh at 410-956-5600 or by email at gcavanaugh@aacps.org.